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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Godmersham Parish Council give support to Catha's Seat

I was treated to a warm welcome at Godmersham Parish Council's meeting on Tuesday night in their brand spanking new village hall. This has been outfitted with the latest green technology; solar PV and heat pumps, but more importantly a set of freshly installed bike racks where I could park up dad's bike after a twilight ride over from Wye! 

It was fantastic to hear so many positive comments and suggestions regarding the new cycle route and Catha's Seat. I am delighted that the PC have chosen to support the project and our forthcoming bid to the Ashford Borough Council Single Grants Gateway Scheme.

From the short window I saw of the meeting Godmersham PC are dedicated to continuously improving their Parish for the benefit of their residents.

In the board room - Godmersham Parish Council consider and choose to support the Catha's Seat Project
Godmersham PC's Chair, Caroline Spencer, wrote the following comments on behalf of the Council in support of Catha's Seat:

"In our view, Catha's Seat will be a major attraction: a delightful destination to which people can walk or cycle along the traffic-free section from Eggarton Lane, or a stopping point along the way for those passing through.  This can only improve our quality of life as our health and well-being is enhanced through more exercise, and our enjoyment of the countryside improves.

We are excited about the possibility of using Catha's Seat for community events, and you will recall last night that we were beginning to think of ways in which the Council could assist in planning and resourcing such occasions.  In a community such as ours which is short on public facilities, we have learned to make our own entertainment, and are therefore very enthusiastic about a new, outdoor facility such as Catha's Seat to use as a focus."

I would like to express my thanks to Caroline and the members of the Parish Council for allowing me to speak at their meeting and for their support. We look forward to progressing some exciting community events with them up at Catha's Seat in the years to come.

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