Catha's Seat

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Catha's Seat - Artists Impression and Campaign Acceleration

It has been a while since I have been as excited as I was, when I opened the email from Phil at ARC Creative Design, which included an artist's impression of Catha's Seat!

After quite a considerable amount of time unsure about whether we had the right concept, or if anyone would like it etc., this image made me feel like we are on to a winner and I hope you will agree.

Without further ado; please see the wonderful images of how we expect Catha's Seat to look when it is complete, and for comparison the current view of the ready surfaced site.....

Sneaky peek - An impression of Catha's Seat by the fantastic Phil Rutt of

The ready surfaced site in the sun
The artist's impression, combined with a firm budget, really allows us to put the foot on the accelerator for this campaign. We now have an information / fundraising leaflet*, which we got ready just in time for the Route 18 launch ride on the 31st May (more to come about this in next week's post).

We also have the height of high tech (!); PayPal donation functionality on the blog, a fundraising thermometer and embedded location maps (see right---->)

The major task now is to complete the fundraising. We need to achieve a total of £10,000. So far Dad and I have committed to cover half (£5,000) between us and if all the pledges come in we have £6,500 in total, meaning £3,500 left to raise.

So, If you have made a pledge, please can you make your donation at your earliest possible opportunity. Bank transfer or cheque are preferred (as they do not charge fees) but PayPal is also available for convenience.

If you haven't made a pledge but would like to contribute, you can now skip a step, and go straight to making a donation using the methods mentioned above. (My contact details can be found in the Catha's Seat leaflet)

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. Email a copy of the Catha's Seat official leaflet* and send a link to this blog. If you would like some hard copies of the leaflet to hand out please get in touch with me.

We are aiming to complete the installation in September and we are planning an exciting launch ride and event on the weekend of the 5th / 6th October 2013, so please block this out in your diaries.

News from the 31st May launch event for NCN Route 18 coming soon......

*Note regarding the leaflet download - for some reason google docs is not showing the colours properly when you click the link. Please download the file to your desktop and open with your normal .pdf viewer to get the right colours.