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Friday, 20 September 2013

Councillor Wickham gets behind Catha's Seat and funding breaks £8,000 barrier

The funding thermometer has smashed through the £8,000 mark with your donations!! This is fantastic; thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. 

This leaves less than £2,000 left to raise, on which front there is more positive news we can share. Following a letter I sent to Andrew Wickham, Kent County Council (KCC) Councillor for Ashford Rural East, he has got right behind the project and is looking to support the fundraising from his KCC Member's Community Grant Scheme. Earlier this week it was confirmed that he is able to contribute £1,000 towards the installation of Catha's Seat.

When speaking with Councillor Wickham I was delighted to hear that he has been fully supporting the development of the new "traffic free" section of Route 18. He shares our aim to get as many people as possible out and using these facilities for enjoyment, wellbeing and safe sustainable transport. 

More than just helping funding, having the support of influential organisations and individuals such as KCC and Councillor Wickham is very important for a community project - it validates the need and develops the reach it can achieve - so this is a very exciting development.

Andrew Wickham, Kent County Council Councillor for Ashford Rural East, has got behind the Catha's Seat project.
Councillor Wickham added the following kind comments in his email to me....

"Thank you for your letter with details about your well thought out project to provide a seat along Route 18 near Chilham. I am minded to support this project"

"Good luck with the remainder of your fundraising, I am sure Catha would be proud."

All of us at Catha's Seat would like to express our thanks to Councillor Wickham and to KCC funding officer Annette Haigh for their support.

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