Catha's Seat

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chartham Wanderers hit the New Wye Lane and take a virtual rest at Catha's Seat!

Sheila guided a walk yesterday along the new section of Route 18 with sixteen intrepid members of the Chartham Wanderers. 

We were very glad to hear that they were impressed with the improvements to the path and with the location of Catha's Seat - they even took a virtual sit down as you'll see below!

They were treated to some sweltering weather so the shade of the trees above Catha's Seat provided some welcome relief.

The Chartham Wanderers taking a virtual sit down at Catha's Seat (photo courtesy of Shelia Webb)

This is great stuff - exactly what Mum (Catha) wanted - people using the Route for enjoyment as well as a sustainable way to get from A to B. If you haven't given it a try yet then get your tyres pumped up or your walking boots on, while the weather is still fine!

The group were handed copies of our Catha's Seat leaflet and I understand a number of donations were made, for which we are very grateful. We hope that they will continue to follow the project and join us when we are able to celebrate the installation.

Thanks to the Chartham Wanderers, their organiser Ruth and also Sheila for showing us the enjoyment that can be taken up on the new section Route 18. 

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