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Friday, 9 August 2013

Catha's Seat R&D - the original Sustrans sleeper seats on the Bristol to Bath

At the end of July we went up out west to visit our friends Mez and Anne-Marie. 

We hit the B2B Bristol to Bath cycle path along an old railway line - a great day out if you are in the area - 17 miles of dedicated cycle path with nice stop offs in old railway stations that have been converted into Cafes. 

The B2B features two of the original Sustrans seats, made out of old railway sleepers - the design that inspired Sheila's Family seat and Catha's Seat. 

Look mum, no feet!
Being in the suburban areas of Bristol unfortunately these beautiful seats have had a fair amount of abuse. Catha's Seat will be further out into the countryside so we hope it will have a more gentle treatment however, the design we are using has no expense spared to ensure robustness and longevity. The highest quality solid green oak beams will be individually selected, finding pieces with the fewest faults and no knots. These will be carefully joined and tied together with metal cables and strips. The timbers will be fixed deep into the ground.

The fashion shoot pose!
For a full view of one of these original seats follow this link

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