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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Inaugural Mayday Weekend Wyecycle

Once again an apology for the gap since the last post - progress in this area slowed slightly as I started a new job. Nonetheless, this weekend saw the inauguration of the Annual Mayday Weekend Wyecycle - so named as it takes place on the Saturday of the Mayday weekend as the Monday itself is religiously reserved for the Five Church Walk.

Supporters of Catha's Seat joined us for the 40km ride to Canterbury and back along NCN Route 18 (including the new section) taking in the views at the seat location, stopping for  lunch in the wonderfully quaint surroundings of Chilham and partaking of a celebratory drink in the Bishop's Finger; the closest pub to the terminal of the cycle route in Canterbury.

The team braved a brisk morning shower to be rewarded with glorious sunshine on the return leg. I am pleased to say that all cyclists tested clean for EPO and most other performance enhancing substances (unless you count caffeine)!

I'll let the photos do the talking and we hope that you can join us for next year's event on 3rd May 2014.

Wyecycle 2013 team line up at Keegan Towers pre ride - left to right: Me, Eliza, Dad, Kit, Dani, Hil Bob, Sheila, Uncle Mark and Alex.
Over the hill just past Eggarton Lane. Surfacing works still in progress here.

Sheila is a fountain of knowledge about the area and told us the story of Juliberrie Down (upon which we are standing in this photo). According to legend this mound is the grave of Quintus Laberius Durus known as Julius Laberius or "Juliberrie" who was a Roman Tribune who died during Ceasar's second recce to Britain. The archaeologists say however, that this is in fact a Neolithic, New Stone Age, Burial Ground or Longbarrow.

Smooth riding along a freshly surfaced part of the route between East Stour Farm and Catha's Seat


No seat yet but this is where it is planned to be - the team crouch as though they were sitting on Catha's Seats

Fully engaged - the Crichton Family (Sheila's) Seat loaded to capacity. This installation provides a lot of the design inspiration for Catha's seat

9 bikes fill the dedicated cycle slots on Sheila's Family Seat
View from Sheila's Family Seat

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