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Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Big Week - Local Publicity, Site Meeting and One Week before opening!!

Last week was an exciting one!

Many thanks to the people at who kindly published an article to promote the cycle route, opening event and our seat project. Check out the article here

Dad and I also met the team from ARC on the 24th for a design "look see" on site. The weather was bitterly cold for May (at an arctic 7 degrees!!) with driving rain, so we lost no time in drawing conclusions to finalise the design concept.

Seat site in the Sun - now with a fantastic Ragstone surface, many thanks to EOS contractors.
Dad had to return the next day to capture some sunny pictures of the freshly surfaced site. Many thanks to EOS Contractors for creating a fantastic base for the seat to rest on.

Looking along the Cycle Path with new Ragstone surface
With one week to go before the opening event for this new link of the cycle route, we met the contractors from PP Landscapes knuckling down to cross the finish line on schedule, after some challenging weather conditions.

Some of the team from PP Landscapes working on the link at Pope Street
We hope to see as many of you as possible on the 31st May - when the new link will be officially opened - on what will be a momentous day for cycling in Kent.

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