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Monday, 29 October 2012

Technical interlude: wheels!

As the costal roads are closed for everything except cars due to the high winds known as the Bora, I am marooned today in Rijeka, Croatia. To pass the time I was flicking back through my photos.

This one was taken on day one at the Gold Team campsite. As I mentioned before Hil Bob (HB) and I get fanatical about two wheeled objects at our Bike Club sessions. Just before leaving, HB helped me build the wheels for Scott. We had both learnt how to build wheels by watching a chap at Brick Lane Bikes the year before, and for me this was only wheel number 3. 

HB laced the front wheel and I laced the back. So far (touch wood) both wheels have been fine and true. The back had a small wobble after the streets of Milan, which was easily fixed. Long may their sturdiness continue!

Those hoops get the Hil Bob seal of approval.

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