Catha's Seat

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Catha's Seat Installation - Day 3 (Nearly There!) - Photos

Day 3 on site at Catha's Seat and the meat of the work is done. Both seats are in the ground, a fresh covering of ragstone dust on the ground and the boards that retain the earth around the site are all in place.

The team will return to site at their next opportunity to attach the arms, finish and oil the wood, and fit the all important plaque.

See the latest photos below but better still get on your bike, or get your walking boots on and go and give Catha's Seat a test drive as soon as you can. Take a friend, take a snack and a drink, your favourite book or a newspaper. Don't let Catha's Seat get lonely!

Customers! - a group of walkers visit Catha's Seat

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Hand crafted - Jason sculpts the curve in the backrest of Seat #1

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The plaque - soon to be fitted

After three hard days on the trot the team get a chance to sit down (swiftly followed by a well deserved beer!). Many thanks to the team from Arc Creative Design for their hard graft and craftsmanship.

Catha's Seat - nearly there!

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