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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

A New Mission and notes on Tights

As an addendum I wanted to add these two videos. The first of which describes our Mission for correct road driving alignment. After meeting the French guys and hearing about their Mission we felt somewhat left out, and this was all we could come up with!

On the first day of cycling with Alex back in Croatia he had reluctantly decided to put on his new cycling tights as it was chilly out. He said initially how he wasn't sure about them - they might be a bit sweaty and look somewhat ponsy. 

By the lunchtime of the same day he said that he was "quite enjoying them" and that they were "pretty comfy". At the end of the day this commitment to tights had become "I'm a convert" and "I love my tights". 

There was not one single day in the saddle when I didn't have to hear about Alex's tights. So this movie is dedicated to those silky swathes of black lycra. 

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