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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Rules of Yugo vs Lada

During our travels through the former Yugoslavia we noticed an abundance of two types of car, the Serbian Yugo and the USSR stalwart; the Lada. On our hangover day riding out of Krusevac we couldn't really muster a conversation so we reverted to basic car counting. Alex had been developing an obsession for the Lada Niva so he was assigned Lada whilst I got Yugo.

Yugo and Lada. The Yugo player has to be careful however as the brand was dissolved after the fall of the former Yugoslavia, to be replaced by identical cars with the Zastava brand. Zastavas do not count to the score!
The game developed such that the final rules were as follows:
  1. The game starts once you have seen at least one of each brand;
  2. Both members of the game need to see the vehicle - whilst riding you may signal the presence of your vehicle to your opponent by use of a fist pump or such like;
  3. Players keep a mutually agreed running total together;
  4. There are no bonuses for seeing multiples of the same brand simultaneously;
  5. You can count derelicts on the side of the road;
  6. The game ends when both players see a Yugo and a Lada simultaneously;

Alex was desperate for points and slightly bending rule 2 he took a picture of this double Lada! (Photo courtesy of EA Gow)
I don't like to blow my own trumpet but.... Yugo swept the board with Lada only winning one game. There is still, however, an ongoing game with Lada having a considerable lead. Unfortunately we did not see any Yugos after we left Macedonia and therefore rule 6 could not be implemented to close the round.

Police car Yugo - such a rarity that we agreed on 10 points!

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