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Thursday, 27 September 2012

The big departure!

The day finally arrived!! And what a day it was - 13 cyclists riding in a Peleton out of London with Karoline driving the support vehicle (with a megaphone for encouragement!) and my Dad and Julie meeting us for lunch in the middle of Essex.

The cycle team at 8am!

With only one puncture it was a successful but somewhat chilly morning - I started to worry how cold it might be when I get to the alps. We made it to the Wickham Bishops by 2pm for a nice pub lunch. Dad was late and had no phone signal so in true Keegan style we thought he had been in an accident - actually the day before he had taken his car for an MOT and the mechanic had crashed his car!!

After some tearful goodbyes the Gold Medal team set off for Harwich and made it in by 6pm - finishing off with a nice fish & chips on the Quayside.
Slightly blurry Gold Medal Team enjoying a winning drink
Thank you to everyone who came for making it such a speical day for me - it was the perfect way to launch into this adventure.

More blog posts to come shortly but now I must go out and see Wiesbaden with my host Bastian before it gets too late!

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